Autopage Remote Start with 3 Channel Alarm

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The AutoPage C3 RS-665 is excellent car security system that integrates convenience with function. A few of the main features of this car alarm include the remote start, C3 compatibility, and the extended range antenna. The remote start feature allows you to start the car with a push of a button on the remote. This enables you to get the engine going before you step in the car and begin to drive. If your vehicles climate controls are set, they will begin as the car starts. In winter, you can enjoy sitting in a warm car without any wait. In summer you can cool down the car without having to sit in the hot cabin and wait for the A/C to start working.

Distance will never be an issue again. The AutoPage C3 RS-655 includes a RX300A super heterodyne extended range window mount antenna that increases the distance of the communication between the car and the remote. And if that isn't far enough, this system is compatible with C3.The C3 technology that AutoPage has allows the user to operate the car's vehicle security system from a wireless mobile phone. Directly from your iPhone, you have the option to lock, unlock, start the car, and much more. For a price this low, it is hard to find a deal this great!


  • TWO, 5 button High Frequency (433.92 MHz Mini-size Remote Transmitters w/S.A.W. Resonator & Blue LED
  • New C3 compatible
  • 66 Bit Random Code Hopping
  • Dedicated Buttons on the Icons on the Remote
  • Code Learning / Anti-scan Receiver
  • Shift Button for 2nd Car Operation
  • New RX300A Super Heterodyne Extended Range Window Mount Antenna Receiver with S.A.W. Resonator and 4-pin connector
  • Back-up Memory System
  • High Quality Molex-type Connectors
  • 2-Push Safety Start on the Start Button
  • Window Comfort Feature
  • Dedicated Remote Panic and Car Locator
  • Passive Arming By-pass from Remote
  • Parking Light Flash (Dual Polarity Relay)
  • 2nd & 3rd Channel Auxiliary Outputs
  • Plug-in Dual Stage Shock Sensor w/bypass
  • Plug-in Push-type Valet/Override Switch
  • Plug-in Super Bright LED
  • Starter Disable (500 mA output) with Relay and Socket included
  • Dome light Illuminated Entry Output
  • 1 Positive, 4 Negative Inputs
  • 120 dB Electronic siren w/ Optional Horn Output
  • Dual Polarity (+/-) Door Lock Outputs with 500 mA output
  • Optional Driver s Priority Two-Step Door Unlock
  • Port for Optional 2-way LCD Communication with the XT42LCD/ANT Kit
    5 on board relays:
    1. Ignition 1
    2. Ignition 2
    3. Starter
    4. Accessory
    5. Parking Light
  • On-board Serial Port for AP Data Link Data Bus Integration
  • New Ultra small unit design utilizing Micro K relays
  • New GM starter timing for no start wire vehicles
  • New Dual Polarity 6 stage Programmable Door locks with double pulse lock and unlock
  • New Dedicated 2nd Ground out, ACC 2 and 2nd Start wires
  • 3rd Ignition (-) output
  • Remote Start Turbo Timer
  • Diesel Fuel Compatible w/ Timer Select
  • Hood Pin Switch Safety Input
  • Selectable Voltage / RPM / Timer Start
  • RPM / Voltage / Hi-Low Level Check
  • Sensor control output during start
  • Temporary Stop Feature
  • Factory Alarm Disarm and Rearm Signal Out
  • Programmable Ignition 2 (on/off)
  • Programmable 3 or 24 Hour Timer Start
  • Selectable run timer (5/10/20/30)
  • Ignition Control By-pass during remote start
  • Programmable factory keyless door locking before and after start
  • Programmable sensor bypass with optional 20-second delay timer
  • All features programmable via the remote transmitters.